Learning Modules

0. Self-learning, how to lead ourselves and others. Golden rules of the play.
1. Self-healing, self-regeneration, recovering freshness.
2. Sexual patterns, perception, how to work with them.
3. Emotional and soul self expression within the presence of prime self union state of consciousness.
4. Heart based communication
5. Responsibility ( self-awareness, perception, behaviour, DNA, family, culture)
6. Prime self union ( within sexual union) self expression possibilities in all the arts of cocreation.
7. The 9 divine worlds, Shield training
8. 24 hrs responsibility and presence
9. Conception, family as spiritual path.
There is no limit of time applied for learning, but intensity might vary according to intern preferences.
One unit of learning process is suggested as 45×3 min continuously.

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Sacred Sexuality, Conscious Conception, Love and Family, Community, Culture & History as Spiritual Path